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How It Works

How It Works

How It Works

At Stratosphere we help influencers and business get reputable on social media.

 How it works is our team of Instagram marketing experts securely boost your account with real active followers from our database. Example, when someone first notices your Instagram account, there are 3 main points that will decipher whether you get any engagement from that person.

 Firstly being your followers - if you have let’s say 200 followers you’re going to look a lot less reputable than an account with 2000 followers, and the same goes for the 5 and 6 digit brackets.

 Next up is the amount of likes you get on your posts! - let’s face it if you have 25,000 account but you get 5-10 likes on your photos, someone’s going to know what’s up. 

 Here at iSocial we work by the 10% rule, being the amount of likes you get per post needs to be at around 10%+ of your total followers.

 Lastly is they want to see which of the people they’re following are following you! - Now obviously with this one we can’t make that persons friends follow you, but we can definitely give you a better shot at getting that original follow!

 With our secure, simple and effective method we will instantly boost your followers and post engagement to maximise new customer engagement and give your account the reputable Stratosphere Status.